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RAS           Research project Multifunctionality of Cork Oak Forests

The Department of Science for Nature and Environmental Resources of the University of Sassari, the Forestry and Wood Research Centre of the Italian Council for Agricultural Research and Economics and the Institute of Ecosystem Study of the National Research Council, organization unit of Sassari, are pleased to invite you to the “International Congress on Cork Oak Trees and Woodlands: conservation, management, products and challenges for the future”, coinciding with the 3° National Congress of Cork.

The event, which is part of the activities of the regional research project «Multifunctional role of Cork Oak Forests», will be held in Sassari from 25 to May 26, 2017.

The articles on the Congress presentations will be published on a special issue of the peer-reviewed open access journal "iForest" (), indexed by ISI WoS and Scopus.

Plenary lectures, oral and poster presentations will concentrate on the following themes:

-Session 1: Ecology, ecophysiology, health and genetic resources

-Session 2: Forest monitoring and management, land and forest planning 

-Session 3: Multifunctionality of cork oak systems, biodiversity, climate change mitigation and landscape/ecosystem services

-Session 4: History, economics and policy, social perception and communication, certification 

-Session 5: Cork supply chain technology, supply chain arrangements, markets and trade foresight, product and process innovation.


On the morning of the first Congress day, invited speakers will open the event during a plenary opening session with their keynote lectures.
The simultaneous translation service (English-Italian and vice-versa) will be provided at the main hall.
The program includes a permanent exhibition of the posters and is supplemented by an extensive post-congress tour for the weekend.